February 20, 2018 at UCLA

My research interests lie at the intersection of second language acquisition (SLA) and Hispanic linguistics. I am particularly interested in usage-based and functionalist theories of language acquisition. Some of my current research examines aspects of Spanish as a heritage language.

The courses I regularly teach at UCSC are:

  • Spanish 150 (Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics)
  • Spanish 153 (Spanish as a Second Language)
  • Spanish 154 (Spanish Pragmatics)*  NEW in Spring 2018
  • Spanish 114 (Advanced Conversation and Composition)
  • APLX 101 (Second Language Acquisition)
  • APLX 135/201 (Second Language Teaching Methodology)



I am on sabbatical through the end of winter quarter. If you'd like to read my reflections on being a heritage speaker during my recent stay in Poland, I've been compiling them here.